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A taste of temptation

Gospel Reading Mt 4 : 1 – 11 ( Jesus fasts and is tempted )

As a human it’s normal to undergo some temptations. Temptation is not yet a sin unless you are carried away by your emotions and did it. Anyone can say no to it but it takes a lot of courage. Satan is very clever ,every single details of your weakness he uses it to tempt you to commit a sin. Like what happened to Jesus, he knew that Jesus was very hungry and he tempted him to turn the stones to breads but with great courage despite of being so hungry Jesus said NO. In real life, it is not that easy to follow Jesus’ footsteps. Even the priests, nuns and us could do sinful things. My grandmother always reminds me to pray always wherever I go. According to her, Prayer is the most power thing here on earth. This could save you from committing sins and guide to the right path. As a student, a daughter and as a person I could really say that my grandmother was right. Next year I’ll be a 4th yr student and will be graduating very soon and thanks to God I am able to maintain my good grades and He guided me what to do.

– Karol Paula V. Loquias



Devils, Satan’s favorite workers. The trouble-makers who cause madness all around the world.


During Lent, we always talk about forgiveness and ruefulness, but do we ever try to look at the other things we become after the season of Lent? Do we even see that after Lent, we become a new and transformed person because of God’s undying love and will?


I don’t really know why most people sacrifice A LOT during Lent but are still trying to defy God. Our sins summed up, is no greater than that of God’s love. So, why try and defy Him? He may be always forgiving, but we should also learn to follow His orders and requests too.


Repent and forgive with an open heart. Not only that, but be more obedient to the will and orders of God in order to be a person worth being a role model to the younger ones. 🙂


-Ricarr Chiong 🙂


What’s wrong with the devil?

Or more appropriately I believe,  what’s with Jesus and the Church?

I believe that the “devil’s” questions/ requests were justified  (except of course, for the last one).  If converting those stones into bread helped him not die of hunger then why not?  If falling means converting a LOT of people into Christianity ( which we’ll take as a good thing for now) then, why hesitate?

Blind faith is one thing, but morality is another. Did God really ask Jesus to renounce ALL the other things besides, praising Him?

So I don’t get all the condemning and such. Yes he was the devil, but if a farmer, or a merchant did what he did, would everyone still be sentencing him?

The point of my rant is,   isn’t it wrong for the Church to prejudge a “devil” figure, and have a rigid black and white view of the society?

I’m in no way, saying that the ‘devil’ is a cute, furry, harmless creature. But maybe that’s it, perhaps its time we actually know why and who we are branding as our “devils”


-Miguel Silan

Ash Wednesday

Mt 6 : 1- 6 , 16 – 18 ( Alms giving, prayer and fasting)

There are times that I’m so showy in doing stuff like helping other people just to show everyone that I’m so kind and generous but what I just learned from the gospel is that I don’t need to let other people know the things I do like charity just to get some attention, all I need is sincerity and a pure heart that could face God and let Him judge if I did the right thing. According to my mother I don’t need to tell everyone what is happening in my life because some people are just interesting to what is happening in life so that they are updated to “chicka” or what ever. There was once that I could say that what the bible and my mother said was right, I lost something and I was terribly worried then there was this person ( my schoolmate) who keeps on asking “what’s going on?” I told her and asked her some help but what she did was just spreading the news about what happening to me and did nothing else. I was really upset. That is why from that day on, if ever I did something or I have a problem, I will just lift them up to God and let Him do the rest.

– Karol Paula V. Loquias

Set your dream on high

We have alot of dreams during our life. we dream for our career , success in life , and other wishes in life .

there is a saying in the bible, store your treasure in heaven where it is safe from anything.

if we have something precious things somewhere stored, our mind will always be conscious and think about the place where it is stored.

so if we store our treasures in heaven, we will always look forward to heaven.

if we want something, we pray and crave for it. if we do we get it.

everything we occur is in the will of God. we should be thankful and happy at every circumstances and set our goal in life to heaven.

it will be difficult for people nowadays to let down all the things in this world and focus in the word of God, but this is necessary because the time is near and we should go to Jesus before its too late.

Jesus’ second coming is already prepared, but Jesus is holding it on with mercy and love for us to come back to him.

God is waiting for us to be ready in his coming so that we could be happy with our fellow brothers and sisters entering into the great kingdom of God where no sins exist.


So, Yea Gun

When I read the gospel last Sunday, all I can think about was my experience a while ago. Sorry for ranting, but here it goes


We went to Aluba parish, in a mixture of anxiety and hope, we were going to interview a rather infamous priest (  yes Father Casi, this one’s for you  ). So we went, a little shy at first, and asked a guy sitting in the front porche,  where father Casi was.

“Kakalakaw ra baya”

“WHAT?” I thought in my head, well, father Boy must be here though

“Ni agto bayag manila”

*What the hell*, asa diay tung secretary niya, kuya?

Then came the plastic male –insert bad word here-  secretary who I met with to schedule my appointment with Father Casi, which  I booked LAST WEEK.  Needless, to say, plastic smiles abound as we heard him rant his excuses, and plastic smiles were plastered as we booked another appointment with father Casi.

What were we to do? Baba nalang, just take our chance at the Cathedral. So there we were, a bunch of students in uniform, knocking in the god-knows-what buildings beside the cathedral and politely asking where we can find a priest willing to be interviewed.

Our querires pointed us to the Bishop’s House where we  and waited. waited. When finally a priest arrived,, we asked him if we can kindly interview him.

“Mu agto pa man ko sa Cathedral”

It was understandable really, if we just hadn’t seen him in sports attire, and riding a tricycle to Trendline. Well, well, unsaun ta man

So  we just decided to let go to the Cathedral and let the presiding priest finish the mass, and when he finally did (And we finally got to ask him), He gave us a hasty rambling about how he’s tired, and doesn’t want to be interviewed.


There was a time when I thought, there was only one kind of priest, you know, priest= kind, compassionate, understanding, and spiritually honed with the ability to let the people understand Christianity. No snob priests, or bad priests or whatever, I mean, yes maybe they did exist, but I thought they were the exception, not the norm.

What I couldn’t understand is, they’ve trained their lives for this!  Couldn’t they at least show compassion? Now I really understand what the gospel meant. Of preaching the word of God, yet acting otherwise.

I always thought your job was to be there for the people in need. Oh well, guess I was wrong.

Yeass, to all “priests” out there, that’s for you 🙂

-Miguel Silan

Matthew 7: 21-27

This gospel does not show that we love God just for material things and all, but NO! We should love God as if He is our Father and our Brother. Love Him like we mean it. Love Him no matter what. Because He is always there for you no matter how you feel or do. Even though we commit mistakes we always ask Him for forgiveness. Even though we are sinners, He will easily accept our wrongdoings and repent them. That’s how He loves us all. Plus, we should love Him. Why? God is always by our side and even in prayer. And we should always obey His commandments to prove that we are indeed, His followers. We shouldn’t be confused with ourselves since God is with us through prayer. It’s a BIG no no if you say that you do not believe in God. Why? In my honest opinion, it is not always good to be an atheist. And for me, being an atheist shows that you do not love God at all. I mean, atheists don’t know the true love that God shows and I’m truly against the atheists. Why? They can be really cynical and unfeeling towards God. And I am very proud that I am a Christian and I will always love and believe in God no matter what. HE is GOOD all the time. (:

-Eena Ysabelle Espiritu [EYE] ^^

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