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Tempting. :D

Last Sundays Gospel was taken from Matthew 4:1-11

The Gospel talks about temptation. Jesus was tempted by Satan. Jesus resist the temptation by believing and doing what is truthful and right.

Just like the test of Satan that when he told God that if its He is really the Son of God, he can turn the stone to bread or throw yourself down. This all were the work of evil. Just like in our lives today, there are so many temptations that would test us. Like turning our back from school obligations and duties and rather go out to mall or just stay out with friends. We know what is proper or not but we tend to do what is fun and enjoyable to us rather than looking the better side of it for our future.

All temptations are very inviting. Just like God, He must have prayed a lot to go away from sin and follow the will of His Father. For us, we should really pray hard too, we need Gods guidance and ask Gods forgiveness in cases when we can do wrong. We know that our God is a forgiving and a merciful God. Prayer is a must. πŸ™‚


siirr!! Β last reflection nani!! πŸ™‚ GB TC SIRR!! πŸ˜€ WE LOVE U!! di pa ni late sir ha πŸ˜›

-Mark Lorene G. Gatinao


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