A site where you can express yourself through Gospel Reflections… —III-SILVER ^^—

Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. but Satan did not succeed because Jesus believed in god that not to be tempted of the wrong doings and follow what is written. we should not be tempted of the wrong doings but follow what is for the good.

in today’s society there are a lot of temptations, like drugs, alcoholic drinks, and smoking. we all know that this may lead us to the wrong side of the world but we all know that temptation will lead us to doing this bad stuffs. and it is not written in the bible that it is good to do the things that could lead you into harm so we should prevent our temptations.

so we should just hope and pray that our day would always be healthy good and fun. without bad things and bad temptations that will occur. so we should all not be tempted in doing bad stuffs even though other people force us to do, because we have our own decisions in life and we all know if this would lead us to the good side or the other way around. so just pray and reflect on what you were doing that lead you to the wrong side.

-duane merlas


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