A site where you can express yourself through Gospel Reflections… —III-SILVER ^^—

GOSPEL VERSES: Matthew 4: 1-11


Jesus was led to the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan.  All of Satan’s temptations failed because Jesus said to believe in God and not to be tempted because all of it is written, it is up to us if we follow them or not.  We shouldn’t be tempted on what ever they say even if they’re your friends or not.

Today, there are a lot of things that we should avoid but still we’re being tempted like drugs, alcohol, and other objects that are bad to us.  We should avoid this stuff because not only does these things harm our selves but it is not written by our Lord.  He did not say that we commit suicide or do drugs or smoke or even drink alcohol.

Just pray to God that you won’t be tempted every single day of your lives and be happy while doing this.  We should avoid temptation and avoid being tempted by other people.  If Jesus declined Satan’s offer then why shouldn’t we? If Jesus can do it then we certainly can.

pray. pray. pray.

NAME: Tanya Rose Madrid Besinga



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