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Yesterday was Sunday and it was the first day of lent. The gospel yesterday talks about temptations.

There are so many things around us so we can’t really avoid temptations but it is up to us on how open minded we are to avoid it.  In the gospel Jesus is telling us that we should just pray and ask for God’s guidance to help us to stay away from temptations. Temptations are hard to resists. Maybe at first you’re happy about it but it is only temporary. Lent is the season where we reflect and repent our sins. I think for this season of lent we should not just do fasting and give-up things that we can hardly resist instead I hope that we will do alms giving. It is hard to resist temptations but first we should think of what are our priorities. Which is more important in our lives our faith in God or wealth.


Learn how to say “no”. Know your priorities.


-Paola Siojo-



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