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Avoid Temptation

Matthew 4:1-11

There are so many things around us that make us sin. The things that make us sin are mostly the material things that we think are very important to us. We become greedy because we want to own everything that is beautiful on earth, the clothes, the gadgets, and everything else. We also become envious because somebody else has it but you don’t. These are just some of the things that temptation can make us do. This Sunday’s gospel talks about Jesus and how he avoided temptation.

Jesus was in the desert for forty days and forty nights, there he ate nothing. Then, the devil wanted him to turn the stone around him into bread so that he can eat it. Jesus didn’t because he believed in God and his words; and that man does not live on bread alone but on the words of God. Another instance was when he was asked by the devil to jump off a cliff because the angels would still catch him. Jesus still didn’t because he knew that you shouldn’t test God’s power. The last time was when the devil told him that he will give everything to Jesus only if Jesus will bow down to the devil. Jesus still didn’t because he knew that the Lord is the only God and the only one that we should serve. Then, the devil went away.

This Gospel tells us that even if the temptations that the devil will show or give us, we shouldn’t believe in him because God is always with us. Jesus faced very difficult challenges during these times but he still did not give way for the work of Satan because he truly believed in the Lord and listened to the preachings of God.

Whenever we are called by the devil, we should always remember God and his teachings. We should also always pray to Him to guide us with our everyday lives so that we avoid making any sins.

-angelie maglasang-


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