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Tempting. :D

Last Sundays Gospel was taken from Matthew 4:1-11

The Gospel talks about temptation. Jesus was tempted by Satan. Jesus resist the temptation by believing and doing what is truthful and right.

Just like the test of Satan that when he told God that if its He is really the Son of God, he can turn the stone to bread or throw yourself down. This all were the work of evil. Just like in our lives today, there are so many temptations that would test us. Like turning our back from school obligations and duties and rather go out to mall or just stay out with friends. We know what is proper or not but we tend to do what is fun and enjoyable to us rather than looking the better side of it for our future.

All temptations are very inviting. Just like God, He must have prayed a lot to go away from sin and follow the will of His Father. For us, we should really pray hard too, we need Gods guidance and ask Gods forgiveness in cases when we can do wrong. We know that our God is a forgiving and a merciful God. Prayer is a must. 🙂


siirr!!  last reflection nani!! 🙂 GB TC SIRR!! 😀 WE LOVE U!! di pa ni late sir ha 😛

-Mark Lorene G. Gatinao


temptation is NOT a must :D

Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. but Satan did not succeed because Jesus believed in god that not to be tempted of the wrong doings and follow what is written. we should not be tempted of the wrong doings but follow what is for the good.

in today’s society there are a lot of temptations, like drugs, alcoholic drinks, and smoking. we all know that this may lead us to the wrong side of the world but we all know that temptation will lead us to doing this bad stuffs. and it is not written in the bible that it is good to do the things that could lead you into harm so we should prevent our temptations.

so we should just hope and pray that our day would always be healthy good and fun. without bad things and bad temptations that will occur. so we should all not be tempted in doing bad stuffs even though other people force us to do, because we have our own decisions in life and we all know if this would lead us to the good side or the other way around. so just pray and reflect on what you were doing that lead you to the wrong side.

-duane merlas


GOSPEL VERSES: Matthew 4: 1-11


Jesus was led to the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan.  All of Satan’s temptations failed because Jesus said to believe in God and not to be tempted because all of it is written, it is up to us if we follow them or not.  We shouldn’t be tempted on what ever they say even if they’re your friends or not.

Today, there are a lot of things that we should avoid but still we’re being tempted like drugs, alcohol, and other objects that are bad to us.  We should avoid this stuff because not only does these things harm our selves but it is not written by our Lord.  He did not say that we commit suicide or do drugs or smoke or even drink alcohol.

Just pray to God that you won’t be tempted every single day of your lives and be happy while doing this.  We should avoid temptation and avoid being tempted by other people.  If Jesus declined Satan’s offer then why shouldn’t we? If Jesus can do it then we certainly can.

pray. pray. pray.

NAME: Tanya Rose Madrid Besinga


Lead Us Not Into Temptation…

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The gospel last Sunday talked about how Satan attempted to lure Jesus with food, wealth, power ….. and at a time when Jesus was already weak from fasting for 40 days.  But Jesus is the Son of God while we, humans, are more prone to temptation and corruption of the mind, the senses, physically, mentally, spiritually.  Everyday, temptations come through the form of gluttony, greed, pride, lust, etc.  They come in the form of billboard ads, tv, radio, text messages, email, through our classmates and other people we meet.

But if from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we say our prayers, give thanks to the Lord for another day, and anchor our day on God’s love for us, I feel like I am enveloped with God’s white light of protection from harm, from evil, from temptation …..  I think positive thoughts and i am reminded of Gods grace, and His love and from then on I know that I am a child of God, the Most High.

Then with the Lord’s Prayer: Give us this day our daily bread ….. and lead us not into temptation, I am assured that my day will turn out alright and that with His guidance, things will turn out fine.

>>SIR ED!!! thank you for adding dimension to our journey with the lord!!! & We wont forget you!!! :))



Yesterday was Sunday and it was the first day of lent. The gospel yesterday talks about temptations.

There are so many things around us so we can’t really avoid temptations but it is up to us on how open minded we are to avoid it.  In the gospel Jesus is telling us that we should just pray and ask for God’s guidance to help us to stay away from temptations. Temptations are hard to resists. Maybe at first you’re happy about it but it is only temporary. Lent is the season where we reflect and repent our sins. I think for this season of lent we should not just do fasting and give-up things that we can hardly resist instead I hope that we will do alms giving. It is hard to resist temptations but first we should think of what are our priorities. Which is more important in our lives our faith in God or wealth.


Learn how to say “no”. Know your priorities.


-Paola Siojo-


Risky Temptations… @_@

Matthew 4: 1-11

Since it’s the 1st day of Lent, this gospel is all about temptations. I say temptation is a risky habit. Why? It is Satan who tempted us to sin and we should never be enticed to it. I mean, I really hate Satan and yet there are times when I get tempted like spending hours in the internet rather than studying. That’s what I really don’t like about myself! I honestly have the tendency to get tempted so easily. I mean it’s really hard to be like Jesus. Why? He said “NO” to Satan for tempting Him for turning the stones into bread because Jesus was hungry and yet He has the guts to say “NO” to that said temptation. To this day of Lent, I hope I won’t be tempted and always pray for contrition whenever I have sinned. I’ll try my best to do good in Lent and try to sacrifice the things that I easily get tempted with. But I hope sacrificing will help me learn a lesson during the Lenten Season. Because Jesus is always watching us in everything we do. And nobody’s perfect since we also sinned and get into temptations that easily. I just hope that my temptations wouldn’t be a hindrance to my grades in school. I really study hard and do my best when I am entering Senior life this school year of 2011-2012.

-Eena Ysabelle Espiritu ^_^

Avoid Temptation

Matthew 4:1-11

There are so many things around us that make us sin. The things that make us sin are mostly the material things that we think are very important to us. We become greedy because we want to own everything that is beautiful on earth, the clothes, the gadgets, and everything else. We also become envious because somebody else has it but you don’t. These are just some of the things that temptation can make us do. This Sunday’s gospel talks about Jesus and how he avoided temptation.

Jesus was in the desert for forty days and forty nights, there he ate nothing. Then, the devil wanted him to turn the stone around him into bread so that he can eat it. Jesus didn’t because he believed in God and his words; and that man does not live on bread alone but on the words of God. Another instance was when he was asked by the devil to jump off a cliff because the angels would still catch him. Jesus still didn’t because he knew that you shouldn’t test God’s power. The last time was when the devil told him that he will give everything to Jesus only if Jesus will bow down to the devil. Jesus still didn’t because he knew that the Lord is the only God and the only one that we should serve. Then, the devil went away.

This Gospel tells us that even if the temptations that the devil will show or give us, we shouldn’t believe in him because God is always with us. Jesus faced very difficult challenges during these times but he still did not give way for the work of Satan because he truly believed in the Lord and listened to the preachings of God.

Whenever we are called by the devil, we should always remember God and his teachings. We should also always pray to Him to guide us with our everyday lives so that we avoid making any sins.

-angelie maglasang-

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